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Defending talk radio's right to bully and silence others

Marquette Prof. John McAdams, taking a brief respite from policies that lock up 10 times as many black people, per capita, as white, has at my about Charlie Sykes&;s bullying of former we energies exec Dick Abdoo.

I&;ll have to thank for pointing that out.  Can&;t say I&;m a regular reader of McAdams&;s drivel. (If you&;re attacked and don&;t know it, does it make a sound?)

He was so taken with the comment of one Sykes fan who responded to my post on this blog that he reprinted it in its entirety.  He didn&;t however, bother to reprint my responses, so I&;ll do that here:

There&;s a name for what Sykes did.

It&;s called bullying.

It is one thing to disagree with someone. It&;s quite another to try to silence them.

That&;s what Sykes did.

McAdams accuses me of having a double standard because -- get this -- I criticized Sykes and someone else who posts on this same site, R King, criticized Don Imus.

I&;m hardly responsible for what RKing writes. I didn&;t write about Imus.

It seems to me the real double standard at work is to think it&;s OK for Sykes to use his 50,000-watt voice to silence Abdoo, which is what happened in the case I wrote about.

I&;d be happy to tell McAdams that, and how to spell my name, in a comment on his blog. But, it turns out Free Speech/First Amendment advocate McAdams doesn&;t allow comments on his own blog.  (Nor does Sykes, who&;s hyping McAdams&;s attack, too.)


September 26, 2007 - 3:01pm