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Walgreens announces vaccine availability - site promptly crashes

February 9, 2021 - 11:03am
Walgreens site - updates in progress

The Walgreens website is now functioning and it is possible to look up the availability of appointments. In my case the site said no appointments are available currently in Menomonie.

Another update -- the site is back in "updates in progress" mode. My guess is that not a lot of appointments will be made any time soon.

Update -- the Walgreens.com website is functioning again, but attempts to schedule an appointment are still failing.

Walgreens sent an email this morning to existing customers telling them that they have a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine at some stores and that appointments can be scheduled on their website.  I was one of those recipients, and as an over-65 person I was interested so I went to take a look. Almost immediately the site crashed under load and has not been available. 

Although the Walgreens cellphone app appears to still be functioning, attempts to schedule a vaccine appointment fail and say that the service is not currently available.

Currently, the site says that it is unavailable and is being updated. This all seemed fairly predictable considering the huge demand for vaccine compared to supply. Sadly this will only further frustrate the people, particularly seniors, who are clamoring to be vaccinated. 

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Steve Hanson
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