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State Legislature to consider COVID-19 bill today and tomorrow

April 14, 2020 - 12:00pm
Wisconsin State Capitol

The Wisconsin Legislature will begin considering a bill for COVID-19 relief starting tomorrow in a first-ever virtual legislation session. The current draft of the bill differs from the original legislation floated several weeks ago, particularly in that it has removed some of the objectional portions where the Joint Finance Committee took many budgeting powers away from the Legislature and the Governor.

So far the mixed live/virtual session is getting off to a difficult start as roll call is attempted. A lot of loud voices seem to be involved, mixed with a little confusion. Voting is a slow and difficult process in this world. Three different amendments proposed by Democrats were voted down by the Republican majority, and an amendment proposed by the Republicans making mostly technical changes to the language was passed. The bill passed on a non-partisan vote, 97-2. The legislation goes to the state Senate tomorrow. The bill is under a tight timeline since it needs to be signed by the Governor before the end of the week to make the state eligible for Federal funding.

The Assembly will take up the bill at 1 PM today and we will embed the live coverage here from Wisconsin Eye. 

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