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How do you think Wisconsin should re-open for business?

May 14, 2020 - 12:26pm
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In some ways after yesterday's court order this poll is moot. But it is still interesting to see what our readers think. The small unscientific poll results show a very mixed set of ideas about re-opening the state:

Stay the Course with the Safer at Home guidelines and Badger Bounce-Back re-opening plans5
Start re-opening slowly by region starting in June?4
Start re-opening slowly state-wide starting in June?3
Re-open everything now6


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Only 4 options?  I think there's at least one more option between re-opening by region in June and re-open everything now.  I think each county board should decide what actions should be taken in their county; whether businesses open now with no restrictions or they establish minimum standards to maintain social distancing before allowing a business to re-open.

Steve Hanson
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