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Free Advertising for businesses and nonprofits suffering from the pandemic

April 30, 2020 - 6:57pm

Many businesses and organizations in the Chippewa Valley are suffering during the pandemic. Restaurants are short of customers and trying to make do with pickup service and selling gift cards for when life gets back to normal. Farmers are having a tough time of it and are working more on direct sales to consumers. Non-profits are struggling and looking for donors. 

And we are short of advertisers. Since lately we are mostly running Google ads that don't make us a lot of money and - let's face it - most of us really don't want to see, I thought it might be nice if we handed over some  of that advertising space to local businesses that need the ads. So - restaurants can build an ad for their pickup and delivery service. Farmers and CSA's can direct some traffic to their services. We don't know what you need, but I'm sure you do. We will be accepting a limited number of display ads for the site for free. These are standard-sized 300x250,468x60, and 728x90 display ads.

You will have to produce the ads yourself, and we will run them for free as part of our regular ad rotation. We will not produce impression reports for the free ads. We will be accepting a maximum of 10 advertisers at a time, and will run your ads for 30 days. If this interests you just fill in this form and we'll get back to you. And I hope that when life becomes a little more normal you'll consider staying as an advertiser at our normal affordable rates.

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Steve Hanson
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