COVID Updates from Dr. Hall 11/23/2021 | WisCommunity

COVID Updates from Dr. Hall 11/23/2021

November 23, 2021 - 1:02pm
Dunn County Cases
Dunn County update - continued very high rates of transmission in our county and increasingly the others in the Chippewa Valley. Please consider getting rapid testing before gathering with others this Thanksgiving, even if you are fully vaccinated. Also keep your gatherings small to reduce risk.
Our hospitals are strained because they are not only seeing a lot of COVID cases (and will likely see more in the coming weeks due to the baked-in delay) but are also seeing a lot of the usual winter-time increase due to other medical problems - this wasn't the case last year, when other respiratory illnesses were quite rare.
Flu activity is starting to increase across the state, so if you have not yet had your flu shot, please get that as well as your COVID booster if you haven't already.
Stay safe, everyone. We're still in the thick of it.

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Alexandra Hall, MD
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