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COVID update from Dr. Hall 11/9/2021

November 9, 2021 - 3:27pm
Weekly update for Dunn County - last week was our biggest week yet for 2021, with 263 cases. Again, the 10-19 age group is leading in terms of case numbers. The Menomonie School Board is voting tonight on two agenda items - one is a proposal to eliminate the temporary mask requirement that was put into place for 4k-6 a few weeks ago, the other is to have it expire on Dec. 13th now that kids age 5-11 can be vaccinated. Many families are unlikely to be able to have their kids fully vaccinated by that date, due to schedules and appointment availability.
Cases are plateauing or increasing in many parts of the state and the country. If we look to Europe, where they are generally ahead of us in terms of timing (Delta surged there first), we are likely in for increases in most places that don't have a very high vaccination rate.
Here's the thing. We KNOW that this virus is so contagious and wily that it is unlikely to ever go away. Our goal, then, is to break the association between cases and severe illness /hospitalizations /deaths so that this truly does become more like a flu or a bad cold. Our best tool to do that is vaccination - that is the most effective, rapid, and reliable way to prevent cases from turning into severe illness. Natural immunity from infection can work, too, but it's much riskier, less reliable, and will take longer.
Please do whatever you can to encourage those around you who haven't yet been vaccinated to do so. If you have not yet had your booster, please get it. And right now, with record-breaking case rates, please help out your local hospital, health care, and public health workers by following mitigation measures to keep transmission rates down - this is far too high.

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Alexandra Hall, MD
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