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Campgrounds in Dunn County - a clarification

April 17, 2020 - 11:52am
Dunn County Seal

In a joint press release this morning the Dunn County Department of Health Service and Dunn County Sheriff clarified the use of campgrounds in the county under the Safer at Home restrictions. There are six licensed campgrounds in Dunn County, and they are allowed to be open during the Safer at Home program. However, they are not open to recreational use. 

“We want to make sure that Dunn County residents get outside and get active, while social distancing to keep their germs to themselves” said KT Gallagher, Health Department Director. “I’m hoping my deputies don’t have to become the party police’ and people use good judgement by not drawing attention to themselves by having large gatherings. The Governor’s Office has left us no choice but to enforce these orders, especially when complaints are received,” said Sheriff Kevin Bygd.   

Campgrounds may be open for long-term lease, for purposes of quarantining, caring for people, or for travel that is required by law enforcement, or by court order. The press release clarifies that the existence of an RV in a park or automobiles licensed out of state does not necessarily indicate that the park is in violation.

Campgrounds may remain open assuming:they

1. Comply with requirements of Sections 13.b (selling groceries and medicine), 13.d (restaurant operations), and 13.e (bar operation);

2. Close swimming pools, hot tubs, and exercise facilities; and

3. Prohibit guests from congregating in lobbies or other common areas, including providing adequate space to adhere to Social [physical] Distancing Requirements while queuing for front desk services. 



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