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Bogus isolation and quarantine placards in Eau Claire

October 5, 2020 - 12:00pm
Fake Placard Photo
Photo courtesy of Eau Claire CIty-County Health Dept. Facebbok Page

Fake quarantine and isolation notices have started appearing on businesses in Eau Claire. In a press release this morning the Eau Claire CIty-County Health Department attributed these placards to a  misinformation campaign related to the communicable disease ordinances being considered by the City Council and County Board this month. 

The health department wishes to remind people that the proposed ordinances do not grant new authority to the health department and that the ordinances are not COVID-19 specific. The department suggests that people should read the actual text of the ordinances rather than rely on rumor and social media postings. The ordinances and the press release are available below.

Steve Hanson
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