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Green Bay Files Federal Lawsuit to Cancel In-person Voting on April 7

ballot box

The City of Green Bay has filed a lawsuit in federal court to force the state to cancel in-person voting on April 7 and instead allow clerks to mail ballots to all registered voters.  The city also asks the judge to give local clerks extra time to count all returned ballots, up to June 2. The lawsuit charges the Wisconsin Elections Commission and the governor with refusing to postpone the election or change the method of voting.

Eau Claire Starts Drive-Through Voting

drive-through voting

According to a Facebook posting today from Eau Claire CIty Council Member Andrew Werthmann, the city of Eau Claire has started drive-through early voting. The voting space is in the parking lot of City Hall at 203 Farwell St. in Eau Claire. 

457 Active COVID-19 cases in state

Today's COVID-19 statistics release today states there are 457 confirmed cases in Wisconsin and still the same five deaths reported yesterday. There were 8237 negative tests.

Governor Evers Releases Details of Safer At Home Plan

Governor Evers

This morning Governor Evers released the details of the new Safer At Home restrictions on Wisconsin Citizens. The new plan takes effect at 8 AM tomorrow, March 25, 2020 and remains in effect until April 24, or until there is a superseding order. 

3/23/2020 DHS COVID-19 Media Briefing

Tony Evers

The Department of Health Services held a press conference today, including Governor Tony Evers discussing the new restrictions that will be announced tomorrow, and other orders he has made in the past week.

Will the Internet Survive the COVID-19 Crisis?

This is a video from CNet about the load being placed on the internet by heavy use for video conferencing and entertainment. Will we start seeing problems? 

Coronavirus Task Force at 4:30 PM

WATCH LIVE: Trump, Pence speak about U.S. coronavirus response alongside White House Task Force

Today's coronavirus task force press conference is scheduled for 4:30 PM but has consistently been starting late. We may stop carrying these soon as they are often as much rhetoric as they are information.

Community Calls

Over here on the farm I have had an idea that I want to see rolling later this week. I am calling it Community CallsThe notion of this is that since we are all stuck in our homes (and more so later this week) we all have some need for social contact. Or more information.

COVID-9 Confirmed Cases Reach 416 and 5 Deaths


Today the Wisconsin Department of Health Services reported the growth of COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin as 416. This is only an increase of 35 over yesterday's number. unfortunately, one more death was reported today, raising the total number of deaths to five. 

Menomonie School Meal Program Starts Today

SDMA Superintendent Joe Zydowsky's blog yesterday announced the beginning of the new school lunch program in the school district starting today. A cold grab and go breakfast and lunch are available every day.

Hello SDMA Families and Staff,

Governor Evers Says New Restrictions Will Be Announced Tomorrow

Gov. Evers

Governor Tony Evers announced new restrictions on travel in Wisconsin. Evers is referring to this not as a "shelter in place" order but as "Safer At Home" in the message. This is a breaking story, details will follow. Under the order, only essential workers would be going to work.

Gov. Evers Announces New Order Relating to Department of Public Instruction

Goverrnor Evers

Gov. Tony Evers today directed the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to suspend administrative rules relating to hours of instruction, student teacher assessments, and general flexibility during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

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