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Wisconsin hits high for COVID-19 new infections

May 29, 2020 - 3:10pm

The numbers released from the state Department of Health Services are discouraging. Today's new COVID-19 infections are a new high point for the pandemic, with 733 new positive cases today. It is likely we are beginning to see the result of the loosening of social distancing restrictions in the state, which does not bode well for continuing to open up businesses. We have also reached a new increase in the number of new deaths per day. 

If this trend continues the state will be left with a dilemma - will businesses need to be shut down more severely again, and if that is necessary how will it be done legally? The current state legislature seems unlikely to pass legislation shutting the state down, but it is not clear that there is any other legal mechanism to do so at this point. Let's hope that the current numbers are a blip, and not an ongoing trend, or we will be facing many new difficult issues very soon.

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Steve Hanson
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