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Eau Claire County releases new COVID-19 Situation Report

October 9, 2020 - 12:53pm

The Eau Claire City-County Health Department has released an updated COVID-19 situation report. Locally the numbers have become more under control recently, despite new state-wide records. Nonetheless, the statistics are still very high and concerning, particularly since they are making contact tracing very difficult through the whole Chippewa Valley.

For the second consecutive week, there was some improvement in most of the local metrics. The positivity rate during the most recent 14-day period declined to 9%, which is the lowest rate observed in this metric since earlySeptember. The number of cases confirmed over the most recent 7-days (211) was once again lower than the 7- days prior (297). The difference of 86 fewer cases equates to a 29% decrease in new cases between the two Source: Wisconsin Department of Health Services COVID-19 Activity Page - Northwest Wisconsin Eau Claire City-County Health Department COVID-19 Situation Report Friday October 9, 2020 Page 3 of 9 periods. This is the second consecutive week of improvement with the most recent 7-days being 43% lower than the previous high in this metric (367), which occurred just 2 weeks ago. However, the 211 cases represents an average of more than 30 cases per day which remains at a very high COVID-19 activity level and is over twice as high as the case rate seen prior to the most recent climb in cases, which began in early September. The continued goal is for this rate to be closer to 10 cases per day. 

The full report is attached below, and is very informative.

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