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Dunn County Health Department COVID-19 Informational Meeting


Dunn County Health Department Press Conference 3/20/2020

, a COVID-19 confirmed infection case was found in Dunn County. This morning KT Gallagher, the Dunn County Health Dept. Administrator, held a press conference discussing the case and steps citizens can take to keep themselves healthy.

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It would be so very helpful if the public were informed as to where those that have tested Positive in our area might have spent time in a public area since March 01 and what days and locations that might be.  With all that panic buying, many people were forced to stand in long lines.  We all would like to be informed if there was a possibility that we were exposed to this virus.  I don't think that the Hippa laws meant that important information regarding our communities health should be withheld causing further exposure to the public.

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That is not going to happen. Privacy laws do prevent the release of that information as you will hear in this video  when it goes live.

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Wisconsin COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

Data through 3/26 from New York Times, after from Wisconsin DHS


March 20, 2020
Menomonie, WI

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