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Dunn County extends COVID-19 Administrative Order through June 1

KT Gallagher
KT Gallagher

In a press release, this afternoon Dunn County Public Health Administrator KT Gallagher announced a new COVID-19 Administrative Order. The previous order 20-01 was set to end on May 26. The new order 20-02  extends the order through June 1, 2020 and clarifies the differences between what parts of the order are mandatory and those that are advisory. 

Under the new order schools must remain closed, and local businesses must have a plan to keep their staff and customers safe as they re-open.

Currently in Dunn County we have 24 confirmed COVID-19 cases, one person in the hospital, and 19 people released from isolation. Wehave begun to see a strain on regional ICU bed space and are still seeing a steady increase in COVID-19 cases within our region. These facts force us be cautious as businesses re-open. The Dunn CountyHealth Department is recommending that people avoid large gatherings and avoid travel outside thecommunity. Schools must stay closed and local businesses must have a plan in place to keep theirstaff, clients and community safe as they reopen. Order Number 20-01 has now been extended withOrder 20-02 until June 1, 2020.

Order Number 20-01 was put in place from May 14 th, 2020 to May 26 th , 2020. Order Number 20-02 which continues the previous order can be found below.

Order Number 20-02:

1. Mass gatherings. Dunn County residents are advised to avoid gatherings of 10 or more people in their place of work, play or worship. All gatherings that bring together people in a single room orconfined or enclosed space, whether inside or outside, at the same time should: (a) preservephysical distancing (maintaining 6 feet of distance between people and avoiding all direct physicalcontact); and, (b) follow all other public health recommendations issued by Dunn County PublicHealth Department, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the US Centers for DiseaseControl.

2. Closure of schools. In line with the decision of the Supreme Court, all public and private schools inDunn County shall remain closed. Staff presence on school property for basic operations, todistribute food, or to support distance learning will be allowed.

3. Safe business practices. In the interest of public safety, all Dunn County businesses shall:

a. Have policies in place to monitor their staff for symptoms of COVID-19 or exposure to aknown case on a regular basis;

b. Have policies that support working from home, when feasible;

c. Have policies encouraging handwashing, wearing masks, and physical distancing;

d. Have policies and supplies to ensure adequate disinfection and cleaning;

e. Cooperate with Public Health investigations related to COVID-19 confirmed or suspected casesrelated to the business operations, including excluding employees based on public healthrecommendations and assisting public health with identifying and contacting contacts of cases;

f. Cease door-to-door operations; andg. Review the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation guidelines on safe businesspractices, available here: https://wedc.org/reopen-guidelines/. Businesses must considerintegrating and adopting the applicable guidelines for the operations that are currentlypermitted under this Order.

4. Travel. Residents are strongly encouraged to avoid non-essential travel outside of theircommunities.

a. Residents are allowed to travel to work or to take care of dependents.

b. Residents who travel to the Twin Cities for work must be cautious and monitor themselves forsymptoms.

c. If a Dunn County resident does travel outside their community or travels using confined meanshe/she should limit contact with non-household members for 14 days and monitor symptomsclosely.

5. Term. This order is effective as of May 26, 2020, and shall remain in effect until June 1, 2020 oruntil it is superseded by a subsequent state or local order.

Staying Informed: To stay up to date with current information we encourage you to check in with these differentnews sources.

o Wisconsin Department of Health Services: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/

o Dunn County Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dunncountywi/

We encourage you to frequently check the Dunn County Health Department website and to follow theDunn County Facebook to keep up to date with the changes within our community.

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