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COVID and the Arts - Katie Shay, Menomonie Theater Guild

November 17, 2020 - 3:29pm
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Interview with Katy Shay

Although everyone has been punched in the pocketbook by the pandemic, arts organizations have been particularly hard-hit, particularly performing artists. With most performances banned, or at least a very bad idea, many performers are hurting, and the many new virtual performance opportunities are not cutting it. 

We're starting a series of people, organizations, and businesses that are particularly hard-hit by the pandemic. We start today with an interview with Katie Shay from the . The guild has not been able to perform plays in traditional ways for some time, but they are doing some new strategies for fundraising. One of these is a "Click it to Donate a Ticket" campaign, where they ask people to buy a ticket with the Theater Guild even though they are not performing. you can help to ensure that the Menomonie Theater Guild still exists when the pandemic dies down.

Please try to ignore some of the audio issues in this recording - we're working with our interviewees to ensure better quality in these chats.

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