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COVID-19 Statistics for 4/8/2020

April 8, 2020 - 3:03pm
Covid Case Graph

Confirmed COVID-19 cases continue to grow in the state, although the rate of growth is declining over time showing  some indication of flattening of the curve. We're working on some better graphs of the statistics which should be rolling out later in the week. Also DHS has started releasing more information in the past few days, some of which we will represent here, particularly cases of infection and death by race. 

State-wide there are currently 2756 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection and 30,115 negative tests. 790 patients are hospitalized and there have been 99 deaths. 

In Dunn County there are now 6 confirmed cases and 447 negative tests.

In Eau Claire County 21 positive cases and 945 negative tests.

In Chippewa County there are 17 confirmed cases and 475 negative tests. There have been no deaths in the Chippewa Valley so far. 

There is a gallery below of graphs of other statistics provided by the state DHS.

Steve Hanson
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