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COVID-19 - a mixed bag in Wisconsin

June 9, 2020 - 4:12pm
COVID-19 Virus Photo Courtesy CDC

The COVID-19 statistics continue to be a little mixed. Although it is certainly encouraging that the percentage of positive tests continues to decline in Wisconsin, life is not entirely good. It is a little difficult to know what to think of some of the statistics at this point because the testing parameters have changed, and many more tests are being done, including people who may be asymptomatic or only have minor symptoms. Because of that it is not entirely surprising that a larger percentage of the tests is negative. 

But the number of cases continues to increase at a fairly good clip, with 270 more cases reported today than yesterday. The rate of hospitalizations and deaths, although better than in many other states, stubbornly continues to increase at a steady rate. So although we do not seem to be in an alarming state of having our hospitals out of control with new cases and deaths, we're also not gaining ground in stopping the spread of the virus - we've flattened the curve, but it's not going downward in many meaningful ways. 

So expect to be seeing some hotspots continuing to flare up in the state, and you will certainly still be seeing cases of the virus spreading as more businesses and recreational activities open up. At this time all of the traditional large summer events have been canceled, so that will help to keep the virus from spreading very quickly - but I find it concerning that I see people taking social distancing and face masks and other precautions less seriously. Some scientists are predicting a returning spike in cases in the fall, and even after six months it is clear that much about this pandemic is not well-understood. In any case, although much of the data is encouraging, we're clearly not out of the woods yet. And we may be waiting for another big spike in a few months. 

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Steve Hanson
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