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COVID updates from Dr. Hall 6/14/2022


WIsconsin DHS announces end to emergency COVID response

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April 26, 2023

The Department of Health Services today announced the changes that will take place as the state winds down the Wisconsin emergency COVID response.

There will be modifications  to the COVID-19 Data Dashboard  status - Many pages will be consolidated into a simpler format and probably only be updated weekly.

COVID updates from Dr. Hall - Holding Steady

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October 18, 2022
COVID Update for Chippewa Valley Region - things continue to hold steady at substantial/high rates of transmission.
As many of you likely know, there is still a lot of COVID going around. Many of us have friends, neighbors, colleagues, or family (or all of the above, in my case!) who have been diagnosed in the past few weeks.

COVID updates from Dr. Hall - Holding Steady

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September 29, 2022
COVID Update for Dunn County - holding steady. Apologies for the long absence, but the busy-ness of the semester plus decreases in frequency of data reporting from Wi DHS have delayed things a bit. Fortunately, we are not seeing a spike in cases now that schools are back in session. This is different from some other regions of the country and may well be due to the high rates of previous infection here due to less robust mitigation measures than other places.

Dr. Hall - Back to green

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August 30, 2022
Weekly data update for Dunn County - holding steady at high transmission, Community Level back to Green/Low as hospitalizations have come back down.
Things in the Chippewa Valley continue to move along, with lots of cases occurring. (How many friends do YOU know who've had COVID this past month? I'll bet it's quite a few. It's almost all BA.5, which is not surprising.

Back in the yellow again - Dr. Hall

August 23, 2022
Weekly update for Dunn County - we're back to yellow (as expected) but things are stable.
As expected, our Community Level has gone back up to Yellow/Medium. Last week's green status was mostly due to the vagaries of how CDC times their weekly stats and how that lined up with when people were hospitalized.

Dunn County Vaccination Clinics

Clinic Schedule
August 13, 2022
The Dunn County Health Department has partnered with AMI to provide FREE COVID vaccine clinics at the Dunn County Community Services Building. The clinics are in room 54 and open to all folks aged 6 months and older. Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J are available. It does not matter where folks are in the vaccine series. The clinic is offering first doses, second doses, third doses, and booster doses. Please remind folks to bring their vaccine card if they have one.

Dr. Hall -- Dunn County is back to yellow!

August 8, 2022
Dunn County update - we're back to YELLOW!
Good news - our cases have dropped, putting us back in the Yellow/Medium Community Level. Eau Claire is still at high, for now, but that may change with this Thursday's update from CDC. It may depend a bit on what is happening with hospitalizations there - EC has had a big two weeks in that regard.

COVID updates from Dr. Hall - High community level again

COVID graph
July 29, 2022
We're HIGH! As expected, Dunn County has now joined Eau Claire county with a HIGH Community Level for COVID. Chippewa is not yet there but headed that way, and several other surrounding counties are also at high.
Here's how I'm handling it, in case that's helpful to folks.

DHS Briefing - COVID-19 vaccine for under 5 year olds

COVID-19 Media Briefing - 06/20/2022

June 21, 2022


DHS experts will answer questions about COVID-19 vaccinations for children 6 months through 5 years old


COVID updates from Dr. Hall 6/14/2022

COVID infection graph
June 14, 2022
Weekly update for Dunn County - things continue to hold steady.
Transmission rates are still high, but fortunately hospitalizations are not. They're certainly not as low as they've been other times in the past, but our medical systems are not being overwhelmed.

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