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Wisconsin Voter Registration Deadline Extended to March 30


Federal Judge William Conley has issued an order changing the deadline for voter registration in Wisconsin back to March 30. This allows eight more days for voters to register in the state. The order was in response to a lawsuit from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and the DNC. Other demands from the lawsuit (including dropping the need for voter ID when requesting an absentee ballot) were not responded to in the order. 

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has sent a memo to election clerks in the state outlining their required changes. Unfortunately, i and will take some time to implement and test, so at this time it is not clear when on-line voter registration will be possible again.

The election will take place as normal on April 7, and voter registration at the polls will be allowed as normal. The state is receiving a record number for requests for absentee ballots as citizens attempt to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus.

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March 21, 2020

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