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Third confirmed Covid-19 case in Dunn County

March 30, 2020 - 4:29pm
KT Gallagher
KT Gallagher

The third case of Covid-19 infection has been reported in Dunn County. According to Dunn County Public Health Director KT Gallagher, the third case is from close contact with the second case which was reported last week. Both cases are connected to close contact in the region and is not a case of community spread. 

Case continues to be hospitalized and case is self-isolating at home. Both cases are related to another case in the state outside of Dunn County.

Gallagher stressed the fact that it is important to continue social distancing and self-care during the continuing isolation period in the state. "This is an incredible change for many people with the loss of income, the loss of coping mechanisms, and the loss of freedom. We want people to know that this is normal but is hard. There are friends to talk to and providers to talk to. If that is not available to you there are resources on the DHS website for places where you can talk or text in a non-judgmental way."

"It is important to realize that the cases that are being reported now were likely exposed 10-14 days ago, so were exposed to the virus before Governor's order. It is important for us to stay the course in social distancing so that we can flatten that curve in a more substantive way. We are doing this to keep our community safe. ... "This isn't about times to meet up at the park, It isn't about walking en masse on the Red Cedar Trail. This isn't about meeting up for sleepovers right now. This is about physical separation and social distancing so we can keep the people that we love safe".

There will be upcoming joint Chippewa Valley press conferences, the first of which will be held tomorrow, March 31 at 3:30 PM. These will be carried live on the and we will embed them here if possible.

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