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Governor Evers Says New Restrictions Will Be Announced Tomorrow

Gov. Evers

Governor Tony Evers announced new restrictions on travel in Wisconsin. Evers is referring to this not as a "shelter in place" order but as "Safer At Home" in the message. This is a breaking story, details will follow. Under the order, only essential workers would be going to work. The new orders will take place tomorrow. The Governor made this announcement three days after saying he did not think further restrictions would take place, and after legislative leaders sent him a letter supporting the current restrictions but calling for no further restrictions on business.

From the Governor's message this morning:

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Given that Progressives seem to believe the ends justifies the means, I would be surprised if they have sent COVID19 positive people to areas having few cases to force those areas to quarantine.   

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It is suspicious that only only  non-lockdown  States suddenly  develop a rapidly increase in cases just when lockdown States say.the others need to be forced

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March 23, 2020 - 10:06am