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Community Calls

March 23, 2020 - 3:47pm

Over here on the farm I have had an idea that I want to see rolling later this week. I am calling it Community CallsThe notion of this is that since we are all stuck in our homes (and more so later this week) we all have some need for social contact. Or more information. So rather than visiting friends, having play dates, hanging out at the Fleet Farm (yes, we know you do that) or the Food Co-op to meet your friends, I want you to do it on the internet and to hang out with WisCommunity and the rest of the Chippewa Valley On-Line.  We're doing some invitation-only dry runs over the next couple days and will have an announcement here when they actually start.

At the moment these meetings will be on the Zoom conferencing platform. It's pretty easy to use and runs on almost everything from desktop computers to cell phones to tablets. In a pinch you can call in on a plain old phone - you'll only get audio but for a lot of things that will be fine.

The calls will typically have a topic, which will vary a lot. Some of the first ones will probably be informational - covering things like health advice, how to get unemployment, what help is available to keep your small business afloat while you are closed, etc. Some of the calls will be more frivolous because, let's face it, we're all bored. And tired of not having human contact. So there will probably also be things like on-line happy hours, movie watching parties, and more. 

One of the worst things we can do at this point is to panic, or to stop being kind to each other. So, let's get together and learn things and have a good time. More soon.

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Steve Hanson
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