The Wisconsin Department of Health Services today reported 1498 new COVID-19 cases, which is a new single-day record. In a recent tweet, DHS said that the big increase was due to problems with the laboratory test reporting, which have now been fixed. At the moment it is not clear exactly what was meant by that, and we are waiting for more details. We can only assume that since the last several days have shown low numbers of tests that many tests that took place recently did not make it through the reporting system.

The percent of positive cases for the past seven days rose considerably today based on today's data, rising to 8.9%, the highest number since May 5.

This story will be updated if there is more information on this error and what it means.

According to an article in the Journal Sentinel, DHS is reporting that some tests from Monday-Wednesday this week were not processed until Thursday, which explains the large spike in reported tests today. Nonetheless, the 7 day average of positive tests is still quite large and indicates that there is still a fairly high infection rate. 

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