According to a press release today from the City of Menomonie, there will be some street closures for the purpose of sanitary sewer repair the week of July 17. During the week of July 17, the City will be installing a Cure-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) liner in the sanitary sewer in Stout Road between 19th Street and 21st Street. This CIPP liner will allow us to avoid open cut construction that would have closed the roadway for several weeks. During this work, the Two-Way-Left-Turn-Lane (TWLTL) on Stout Road will be closed between 17th Street and 21st Street. Additionally, the intersections of 2nd Ave NE/19th St., 1st Ave/18th St. and 2nd Ave SE and 18th St. will be partially closed. The roadway will be reopened as soon as possible. Please contact David Schofield, Director of Public Works, at 715.232.2221 ext. 1020 with any questions.

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WisCommunity Staff
Press release

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