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Scheduling conflicts prevented us from covering this meeting. The audio is attached below. Please read the excellent coverage at Menomonie Minute



7:00 PM Tuesday – September 5, 2023

Pledge of Allegiance

1. Roll Call & Special Recognitions

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Public Hearings

4. Public Comments

5. Unfinished Business

6. New Business

a. Menomonie High School Homecoming Parade special event request for September 22, 2023 – discussion and possible motion approving.

b. Let’s Paint the Town Chris Kroeze Homecoming Concert special event request for September 22, 2023 – discussion and possible motion approving.

c. Downtown LLC Historic Beer Walk special event request for October 1, 2023 – discussion and possible motion approving.

d. Wakanda Waterpark 2023 Season Review – discussion.

e. Review of Wakanda Water Park Pool Improvements bids – discussion and possible motion of award.

f. Independent Contractor Consulting Agreement for Heidi Olson – discussion and possible motion to approve.

g. Kleven Property Assessment contract for providing assessment services – discussion and possible motion approving.

h. Property Damage Release Agreement with David & Lynn Bonjour – discussion and possible motion approving.

i. Offer to purchase from Wilkens Properties, LLC for Lot 28 of CSM 2557 – discussion and possible motion approving.

j. 2024 Clean Sweep Grant Agreement – discussion and possible motion approving.

k. Request from the Waste Water Department to sell a 2005 Chevrolet Colorado – discussion and possible motion approving.

l. Terminate Current Tenant Lease with Artema Somatics, LLC – discussion and possible motion approving.

m. Amending Title 9, Chapter 3 Fire Code – discussion, introduction and possible ordinance adopotion.

n. Budget Transfers including yearend 2022 budget transfers – see enclosed memos City of Menomonie 800 Wilson Ave 1 st Floor

7. Budget Transfers

8. Mayor’s Report

9. Communications and Miscellaneous Business

a. Heller Road Street Improvements Update

10. Claims

11. Licenses

a. Normal license list

12. Closed

13. Return to Open Session

14. Adjourn

“PUBLIC ACCESS” NOTE: Members of the public may continue to view City Council meetings via Zoom Teleconference /Video Conference or, over the internet by going to (URL for Zoom meeting), or by calling 1 312 626 6799. The Access Code for the meeting is 832 3034 6616. Please note: this is for viewing purposes ONLY. If you wish to participate, you must appear in person at the meeting. NOTE: Upon reasonable notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities. For additional information or to request the service, contact the City Clerk or the City Administrator at 232- 2221.

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