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Conservation voters aim to have big impact

The League of Conservation Voters, the state's largest conservation organization, is aiming to have a real impact on elections this fall.  LCV seems determined to make its endorsements mean something, to its members and to voters.

As a member, I received an email today (below) about the group's endorsement in my State Senate district.  If it's an indication of things to come, LCV could be a real player and make a big difference.  As a statewide organization with offices in four places, it is in a position to put some people on the ground to help candidates, too.

The group is not satisfied, as many are, to simply endorse incumbents with good records on their issues as a thank you.  The first batch of candidates featured on the websit doesn't include a single incumbent, and in my district, actually backs a challenger who's taking on a Democratic incumbent in a primary.

 #7d822b">Chris Larson fo#7d822b">r State Senate#7d822b">Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Endorsed Candidate Profile  

[Photo:Chris Larson removes invasive species at Saveland Park during a volunteer day he helped to organize.]

Meet Pro-Conservation Candidate, Chris Larson

We are excited to introduce you to Chris Larson, a promising pro-conservation candidate from Southeastern Wisconsin. As the election season unfolds, we'll continue to share the conservation "creds" of some of our favorite endorsed candidates. >Check out the full set of candidate profiles anytime by clicking here.

Candidate Name: #003300">Chris LarsonOffice Running for:#003300"> State Senate - District 7Area of the state:#003300"> Milwaukee, St. Francis, South Milwaukee, Cudahy, Oak Creek

Why is Chris Larson the best choice for conservation in this race?

  • Chris Larson is a strong supporter of clean energy jobs legislation at both the local and state levels, and has a track record of supporting efforts to stimulate the green economy.
  • Chris Larson's commitment to a smart, forward-thinking approach to transit has positioned him as a state leader on the issue.  As County Supervisor, he has tirelessly supported efforts to create a permanent source of funding for parks, transit, EMS services, and the KRM commuter rail, and has advocated for the creation of an RTA to support KRM.  He even helped organize the grassroots force, Quality of Life Alliance, dedicated to creating transit and park solutions for Wisconsin.
  • As a state Senator, Chris Larson will continue the work he started as County Supervisor to protect public parks and green space, while making sure everyone has access to the places that make Wisconsin special:
    • Supervisor Larson opposed initiatives to raise fees on golfing, boating, and swimming in order to keep urban outdoor recreation affordable for all.
    • Supervisor Larson opposed an initiative that would allow wastewater dumping into Milwaukee County Parks.
  • Chris Larson is a smart and effective decision-maker who works for the values of the people he represents.
  • Chris Larson is an avid hiker, biker, runner, camper and a member of Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

"I'm running because I think the district should be represented by the people, somebody who's fighting for individuals and not big corporations.  And frankly we need someone who is going to stand up as a leader in Milwaukee."  ~Chris Larson

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July 21, 2010 - 7:21pm