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Dunn County Infohub launches

August 2, 2023 - 10:47am
Dunn County Infohub Screen Shot
Dunn County Infohub Screen Shot

A group of concerned citizens in Dunn County has been addressing the quick disappearance of local news. This working group of people has been meeting for months and is working on several projects to help the situation.

One of the first projects has been to build an information hub for Dunn County which includes links to websites and news articles about Dunn County. This Dunn County Infohub updates news articles automatically from several sources and is now available at https://dunncountyinfohub.com

Other upcoming projects from this group will include new ways to support local news in the community, including holding classes on doing effective reporting by citizen journalists.

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Just read about Dunn County Infohub and used it to access 3 or 4 issues I've been following.

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Thank you to all for making this newsletter happen. I see it as a huge benefit to our Dunn County and local Menomonie community.

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