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We're partnering with Trebble.FM to bring some music to the site. We'll have a curated set of music that will rotate from time to time.  This week we're bringing you the inimitable Richard Thompson. This is a nice tool, lets you pull together embeddable music players from a lot of on-line sources. It's still in beta and - not quite perfect, but good enough to use as it is. Enjoy.  If you have suggestions for people you would like to hear and see, let us know.


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Alas --- we're having a few teething pains with the Trebble tool, and have so far not been getting a lot of help from on it.   I'm going to pull the Trebble player off of the site for now, since much as I love Richard, we're having a little trouble making him go away.  It may come back some day.

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July 15, 2017

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