Cloning/Organics and Human Rice

As reported by the FDA decided early this year that they "found nothing new to worry about from introducing cloned animals, their progeny, and products from them into the human food supply and the animal and pet food supplies." The FDA is on their risk assessment and management plan. of lax regulation the FDA has proposed on the issue of tracking cloned animals and keeping the progeny out of the organic production stream. By the way, this organization has professional contributors that are far flung, but united through the Organic Center website and backed by an impressive that includes a CROPP representative.

Dean Foods has jumped to the decision to ban cloned animals from their dairy products as a reaction to public wishes--covered by

Happily our Senator Kohl has sponsored a bill to prohibit the offspring of cloned animals passing as organic (article ) These efforts ban animals and denounce, but if there is no tracking system, how will anyone know if an animal that is raised on organic feed and by other organic methods is from cloned stock?

Likewise genetic engineering technologies, which could be damaging to organic growers, are moving ahead. Pharma-crops are plants created using genetic material from different species--latest is rice spliced with human genes. "The Food Chain With Michael Olsen" covered this in a radio program (download link )

If one doubts the risks, genetically modified rice has already been found jumping the lines "prematurely"--covered by


March 12, 2007 - 3:00pm