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Clarification on Dunn County Silica Mine

I have received some flack on the about the proposed sand mine in Dunn county. I was a little surprised, since those of you who know me very well know that I&;ve had a past of opposing environmentally rapacious mining in the state. My intention in the article was not to denigrate the people who are opposed to the sand mine, but to encourage more participation in the community and the political system on other issues.

Blame me, blame how busy my life has been, or just blame plain old sloppy writing, but it wasn&;t my intention to sound discouraging toward the people opposing the mine. I think the mine is in general, as I said in the article, wrong-headed. Hoffman Hills is an amazing, environmentally significant area and the notion of disrupting life around the lands there is horrific. I haven&;t had a lot to say about this because there&;s already quite a lot being said about it around here.

I would like to invite anyone involved in the opposition to the sand mine to post information here - that&;s what we&;re here for - as a supplement to complaining to me personally if they feel I&;ve misrepresented their viewpoint.

That being said, if you&;re interested in this issue, .


March 26, 2007 - 10:49am