Plans for this JFC Page

SO -- things are still a little murky, but let me quickly run down the plans for this page:

It's more or less an aggregation of information about the JFC Testimony.  It includes several things:

  • A list of resources from other places - and we should continue to add to that
  • A twitter feed that includes the appropriate hashtags
  • A place to add testimony at the hearings -- I'm going to do my best to jam in references to the testimonies at the Spooner and Ellsworth hearings as they go on - we can fill in the written testimony and possibly video after the fact - I'd love to do that live but I do not think we have the resources for that.
  • An aggregation of Google alerts about the JFC--- at the moment there's nothing in there but it will pop up as soon as there is some recent stuff to populate it.
  • News articles from Wis.Community that are appropriate.
  • An aggregator widget that lists updates to the status of the budget bill.
  • Let me know if there's anything else in there that you'd like to see, or if you're interested in helping to flesh this out later.
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