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Today in Menomonie Debuts on Facebook - WisCommunity Starts on News Break

Menomonie, WI
January 4, 2020

Small changes have been occurring in Chippewa Valley media. I noted this morning when I opened the Facebook app on my phone that the Today in Menomonie icon appeared at the top of the page. is a Facebook feature that has slowly been rolling out through the US. It attempts to list news, events, and Facebook Page listings from your local area. It notoriously often does not do a great job of determining what is "local" so it's a little unpredictable. At the moment the Menomonie page looks fairly reasonable, other than the fact that there are no WisCommunity stories in it right now. It also is full of page listings of what the road conditions were like last week, so it may not always be timely. It's the little icon at the top of the Facebook app that is between Marketplace and the notification bell. 

Second of all, I should mention that WisCommunity is now appearing in the NewsBreak application, so you can see at least some of the WisCommunity stories in the NewsBreak mobile app or. We're going to see how this experiment goes. We are hoping it will increase readership here and make us more visible on the web.

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