During the Week of August 14, the City of Menomonie will be performing street maintenance on the streets and parking lots shown on the attached map.  

City crews will place "No Parking This Block" signs on the next street segments to be done.  Cars left on the streets will be towed.  The work involves spraying a hot oil emulsion onto the existing street surface and immediately covering it with a layer of small rock particles.  

Regular Street street traffic and parking can resume as soon as the rock is applied.  Please keep children and pets away from the work until the following morning.  Excess rock will be swept up after approximately two weeks.

Please contact Dave Frank, Community Services Superintendent, at 715.232.2302 ext. 3 or Greg Stai, Streets Foreman, at 715.232.2302 ext. 4 with any questions.

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WisCommunity Staff
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