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God is the aim and purpose of life. Soul’s whole purpose for being in this world is to find divine love.

— Sri Harold Klemp

In last month spiritual discussion we talked about how our concept of God affects the way we experience — or even consider approaching spirituality. In fact it effects every aspect of our lives in relation to our experience of God.

Last month I posted this

“As I searched for a different concept of God, one that was a perfect embodiment of love, compassion, kindness and mercy. For a God that was infinitely personal. I ultimately discovered a God who already knew me.”

“Slowly, I began to understand that the only separation between myself and God had to do with what I hid in my own heart. Instead of telling God what I wanted I began to listen to what God might want to say to me. This grew into a very real personal experience of love and compassion.”

Are you looking for the personal experience of God or have you locked God into a once a week, month or twice a year obligatory trip to some church service? Each of us is connected to God through Divine spirit, which can be heard as sound and seen as light. But so many of us are cut off from this experience because of what is hidden in our own hearts. And that is often what determines our everyday experience of God in our lives.

Living a spiritual life really involves the realization that ALL of life is a spiritual journey. God really is the aim and purpose of life and we experience that most intimately when we express Divine Love for all of life. Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar once said that the reason that Jesus shined so brightly was because he loved God as much as God loved him.

“Spiritual unfoldment can be found in the little things of life. The drama and fixed things which are getting the attention of man are generally those of the Kal (Negative force, Satan, etc.). It is the nature of the Kal (Negative) to force man’s attention to the dramatic things of life, such as war and politics. But it is in the small events, such as goodness in the daily things of life, being kind to a child, speaking softly to those who can be hurt easily, non-injury to a fellow creature, and the giving of one’s self to others who are without the essentials of life, that spiritual unfoldment can be found.”

- Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Books One & Two, p.432

If we truly loved God wouldn’t God be involved in every aspect of our lives, and wouldn’t that be a truly well lived spiritual life? So how do we involve Divine Spirit in every aspect of our lives without violating spiritual law? How do we love while giving spiritual freedom to all?

This Lifetime IS Soul’s Golden Opportunity

“This is a precious lifetime. Use it well. No matter what, each day is Soul’s golden opportunity to find the Kingdom of God—and enter it in this lifetime.... In spite of all my experiences,… I am still a learner of life. In a real sense, I hope to forever remain that—a child in the wilderness of divine love and mercy.

When you are ready, a way will be opened for you also. In the Light and Sound I salute you, a child of God.”

— Sri Harold Klemp, Child in the Wilderness. P. 280

Please come join us as we explore these deeply personal spiritual questions as each of us explores our own pathways to making God a personal reality in our lives.

May The Blessings Be!

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