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Ben (Evangelos) Kyriagis was born in Greece in 1954. He first came to America in 1971 as a high school foreign exchange student in Barron, Wisconsin. In 1974, he returned to attend UW-Eau Claire, earning bachelor's and master's degrees in Business. Before he left Greece, his mother's only advice/admonition was not to marry an American. Ben promised that he would not do that and would return to Greece after graduation. However, in his second year at UWEC, Ben met and fell in love with Shelley, a fellow student from Amery WI. You can guess what happened to his promise. After working for two large American corporations, Kyriagis founded his own international trading company, WTN Electronics, which took him to 30 countries, including China and Japan as well as most European countries. He has been living with his American in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but they spend their summers in Greece. After Ben's mother met Shelley, she was happy that Ben did not follow her marriage advice. After all, parents don't know everything! Kyriagis will tell his story of falling in love with an American and America, during his presentation on December 8th, beginning at 12:30, as part of the Thursdays at the U Lecture Series at the UWEC-Barron County campus in Rice Lake. His talk, entitled Impressions of America: 1972 -2022, will be in the Blue Hills Lecture Hall (Ritzinger 234). The campus is located at 1800 College Drive in Rice Lake. Ben's memoir, Don't Marry An American (published by Epidexion Books, Minneapolis, 2021), is available for purchase through all bookstores and at Amazon. Neither seating reservations nor parking permits are required for attendees. For more information, call the campus at 715-788-6244 or contact the organizer at (

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Dec 8 2022 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm
UW-Eau Claire – Barron County