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George Floyd Protest today in Menomonie

June 3, 2020 - 3:49pm
Menomonie Protest photo

Menomonie, WI George Floyd Protest 6/3/2020

There will be a protest for the death of George Floyd today in downtown Menomonie, at the corner of Broadway and Main. As many in the city are aware there was a similar small protest last week. Last week's protest was very peaceful and quiet, and there is no reason to believe that this week's will be any different other than potentially having more attendees,  at least according to the replies on  the Facebook Event. There has been some rumbling on social media about the fact that the Fleet Farm is boarding up its windows at night, and that a downtown merchant had displayed shotguns in their front window in an attempt to discourage potential looting.

Today Police Chief Eric Atkinson posted a video on Facebook expressing support for a peaceful protest and explaining that there is no reason to believe this protest will be anything other than an expression against police brutality and racism. The organizers of the protest have shortened the hours, and the protest is now planned to end at 9 PM so that it will not extend into nighttime hours. 

The protest itself this afternoon was very orderly and peaceful, and the turnout was very large, possibly approaching 1000 people.

We will be bringing you some photos and video from the protest late tonight on this page. 

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