When: Monday, Oct 23, 2017, 6:30PM
1115 Riders Club Road Onalaska,

Have you ever thought...ESSENTIAL OILS...I don't understand why everyone thinks those are so great? How can a little drop of something do anything for my body... you have got to be CRAZY Lady!!! It's OK you're not alone! I have been called the crazy lady many times! Many people have been experiencing amazing benefits from these tiny drops of goodness. We want you to experience these for yourself. Don't worry we won't tell your friends you tried these "crazy" oils! By the end of the class you will know all about these oil's and be wondering why have I not try to use sooner! PS...Invite 25 of your friends and be one of the first 3 people to let me know…You will have an awesome gift bag full of goodies waiting for you at the class!!!

Then at 3:30 PM IS YOUR HOME SAFE?

Most homes in today's world are filled with chemicals. Most products you have in your home you would never suspect are filled with toxins and chemicals! Young Living has made a chemical free home so incredibly easy to achieve! Come join us and learn just how simple it is to provide your family's a Chemical Free Home!

Onalaska Family Chiropractic
1115 Riders Club Road Onalaska,