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Dunn County announces road construction projects for this year

February 1, 2024 - 7:44pm
Dunn County releases 2024 road projects
The list of road projects that the Dunn County Highway Department will undertake this year is dominated by continued work on two stretches of Highway B that will be reconstructed in 2024.
“The County Highway B project is the significant project that will taking place this year,” said Dustin Binder, county highway commissioner. For total cost of the projects, Binder said, “it’s going to be a larger year than normal,” although the total miles will be like other years.
The two Highway B projects are 1.25 miles from State Highways 12/29 to Interstate 94 and one mile from Interstate 94 to Packers Drive. The county already has repaved 3.3 miles of Highway B from Packer Drive to Highway BB.
Other projects include:
County Highway Z, 1.59 miles, from 90th Avenue to County Highway D.
County Highway VV, 3.92 miles from County Highway VVV to County Highway VV
County Highway H, one mile from Elk Mound to State Highway 29.
County Highway M, 1.5 miles from State Highway 64 to Sand Creek
The County Highway C bridge over Muddy Creek also will be replaced.
Binder said the tentative starting date for the Highway B project is May 1, but that depends on the weather. The mild winter might allow for an earlier starting date, he said.
Binder also said the list of projects might be added after road conditions and needs are reviewed this spring.



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