When: Saturday, Oct 7, 2017, 10:30AM
10764 County Highway Q Chippewa Falls, WI

Meet to carpool at Horizon's in Tilden. About 10:40 drive 20 mins to Dallas WI. Pancake breakfast in Dallas at 11am. This is NOT a Drinking Competition. I'm good for 2 drinks w/ a big meal. If you ride with me and get Drunk, find your own way home. Unless it's on accident 'cause the beers are soo good, then I'll make sure you get home safely. Peace.

They also have the 130 foot brat! (I'm guessing but it's always a world record).
http://www.valkyriebrewery.com/ofest.htm for other events. Usually there is a brewery tour about 1:30. I'll prob be heading out mid-afternoon to take in some fall colors on back roads like County U to Sandcreek then W to fall Colfax or head east to Lake Holcome & Cornell.

All the Best !

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10764 County Highway Q Chippewa Falls, WI