In a press release the United Way of Dunn County has announced that the C-3 Center (which recently moved across town but never completely re-opened) has been closed due to an increase in expenses and a lack of financial resources. The C-3 center accepted donations of clothing, furniture, household items, and supplies to provide for families in Dunn County so that they could use their resources for other purposes. We are following up with the United Way for more information. The press release in its entirety is:

As the United Way of Dunn County (UWDC) continues its mission to unite people and resources to build a stronger community, the organization has also been looking at ways to realign to better meet those goals, including looking at current facilities, programs and fundraising opportunities.   


Due to an increase in expenses and a lack of financial resources, the C3 center has been closed. The UWDC is committed to the community we serve and will be working with donors and partner organizations to align resources where they are most needed. 


The United Way is designed to be a partner support organization - a partner that facilitates and assists the work of other community agencies. Through this transition period, the UWDC will refocus its efforts to be a single fundraising channel to support these partners. Some of our current partner agencies include organizations that promote literacy through Reach out and Read, youth success through the Boys and Girls Club, as well as promoting community health through the Day of Caring and the Health Dunn Right Coalition.  


The United Way of Dunn County seeks community-minded people to serve on the UWDC board of directors to support the realignment process and our community. For more information on how to offer support, please reach out to Tim Bartels, acting chair of the United Way of Dunn County Board of Directors at  


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