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Eau Claire County Crimestoppers

What is Eau Claire County Crime Stoppers?

Eau Claire County Crime Stoppers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a safer community through anonymous crime reporting and community education.  Eau Claire County Crime Stoppers exists to provide support to law enforcement agencies within Eau Claire County through making funds available for rewards, helping develop a community offensive against crime, and encouraging the public to report crimes anonymously.

Eau Claire County Crime Stoppers provides a means for individuals to report crimes anonymously and offers cash rewards for tips that lead to arrests by law enforcement.  We also provide information and resources for community members who wish to help make their neighborhoods safer, including support for neighborhoods who would like to start a neighborhood watch program.

What happens when I report a crime?  Is it really anonymous?

Your tips are completely anonymous.  When someone reports a crime by telephone, the call is taken by out-of-state trained Crime Stoppers professionals. After submitting the tip, the tipster is given a tip number.  The call is not tracked or traced.  The tip will be passed on to local law enforcement and the caller will not be identified in any way.  If a crime is solved or useful information is obtained after the tip is passed on, a cash reward is authorized by the Crime Stoppers Board.  The tipster is identified by the anonymous tip number given when the tip call was placed.  The tipster is paid out in cash at a third party location such as a bank or attorney’s office.

Does Crime Stoppers work?

Yes.  While Eau Claire County Crime Stoppers is a brand new organization and therefore we have yet to compile statistics regarding its effectiveness, we can tell you that Crime Stoppers has been effective in other Wisconsin communities.  According to statistics from the Crime Stoppers USA Database, over 12,000 arrests have been made due to Crime Stoppers tips in Wisconsin.  More than just the numbers, Crime Stoppers helps create relationships between the community, police, and the media, creates awareness about crime in the community, and empowers citizens to fight back against crime.

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