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You Can't Win Weather Continues - update

January 9, 2020 - 10:45am

Update - we are seeing numerous reports from different sources that the roads, particularly in Eau Claire County, are getting dangerous as the temperature drops and black ice is forming on the roadways. Be very careful in the evening commute.

Now that our short streak of arctic-cold weather has stopped, we're in for some mixed precipitation today. Some parts of the Chippewa Valley may experience freezing rain or ice through 3 PM today, after which the weather will be warm enough to melt the ice. Roads may be slippery this morning and in the early afternoon. Parts of Highway 59 and Interstate 94 are currently listed as "ice covered" according to the Eau Claire County Emergency services.

The weather widget on the front page will keep you up to date and the Chippewa County Tweetstorm will also include road condition warnings. 

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