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Where did Channel 13 go?

July 3, 2020 - 8:00pm
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If you watch WEAU, Channel 13 on an antenna (as opposed to cable or an over-the-top provider) you may have found that Channel 13 disappeared this afternoon. Many TV stations are changing frequency due to an FCC auction of frequencies. Channel 13 changed frequencies at 2 PM today. If you are not getting Channel 13 you will need to re-scan on your television sets to continue to receive the channel.

Unfortunately they are at the moment also broadcasting at a reduced power and will continue to do so until some time in early August. If you live at the edge of their broadcast area (in fact, I do) you may find that Channel 13 has disappeared altogether. That is the case for me. If that has happened you will not have the station until early August some time, when you will need to re-scan again. 


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This stinks not getting channel 13!!!!

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This was back in July - they've been back up to full power for a long time now, so if you are  not getting it there is some other issue.

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