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Snow in the Chippewa Valley Continues

April 15, 2018 - 2:35pm
Winter Landscape

Although there have been breaks, snow in the Chippewa Valley continues to fall, and will keep falling through the evening. Here at Wis.Community Central we have something like 9" of snow on the ground, with light snow continuing. Current forecasts for the area say snow will continue to fall until about 10 PM tonight. Personally I am getting tired of seeing that red storm warning banner at the top of the front page and look forward to possibly having it disappear by morning.

Travel continues to be difficult on all but major highways, and I suggest people consider remaining hunkered down. Visibility varies greatly and has at times been near zero. There will be a strong force out to clear the roads this evening for work tomorrow morning. Those of us who work at home can consider ourselves lucky.

Most churches in the area cancelled services this morning and many other events have been postponed. Even the National Crane Foundation Crane Count was  postponed Saturday in the Chippewa Valley - nobody seems to be able to remember that happening in the past, and I know I have gone out in some fairly lousy weather for it in years past. 

Our advice?  Take a lazy Sunday if at all possible. Catch up on that live-streaming binge you never seem to get to. Read a good book. Talk to your family. Fortunately power outages have been uncommon in this storm. And think really good thoughts about spring.

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Steve Hanson
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