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Menomonie School Board Special Meeting 9/24/2018

September 25, 2018 - 3:49pm
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Menomonie School Board Special Meeting 9/24/2018

This is the video recording of the Menomonie School District special meeting of 9/24/2018. Particular items of interest include a discussion of the Home Sweet Menomonie program and if the district should contribute funds to it to help pay for down payments on homes for people moving to Menomonie for jobs, and a particularly spirited discussion continued from the last meeting about funding for the second phase of development for the Sports Complex. 

The second phase of development in the MHS Sports Complex primarily includes lighting to allow evening sports, and a sound system. The projected costs are between $250,000 and $350,000, and the proposal would be for the school district to contribute up to $175,000 of that money, with the balance to be raised within the community. The Community Foundation of Dunn County has already raised approximately $50,000 from the community. School Superintendent Joe Zydowski stated that the money for the project could come from surplus funds from the last school year which left the district with a nearly $235,000 balance. Board member Jim Swanson objected that the original discussion for phase one of the project was described as a one-time cost, and that further expansion would be funded by the community. The board had fairly strong disagreement on whether it was appropriate to spend this much money on the expansion of the complex, or to identify other needs within the district that may be more pressing. This discussion begins at approximately 58:45 in the video. Multiple community members spoke on behalf of the sports complex funding earlier in the meeting. The board will likely vote on the funding for the Sports Complex at the next board meeting.

The Home Sweet Menomonie program was introduced previously to the board, and was approved by the City Council last week. The Greater Menomonie Development Corporation has approved a $100,000 donation to the fund. The city has not yet approved a contribution. The school board will put a donation to the fund on a future agenda.

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