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Menomonie School board discusses LGBTQ student harrassment and bullying

October 14, 2019 - 5:59pm

Menomonie, WI School Board Meeting 9/14/2019

Highlights from the 9/14/2019 Menomonie School Board regular meeting:

Smart Girls Rock Event coming on Oct 29

Community Conversations -

Nels Paulson - sociology professor at Stout. Interested in building community and to focus on the environment, water, and building a safe, respectful community around LGBT students.  "We have the right policies, but we need to build the right culture within our schools". 

Various students speak about discrimination against LGBT students and bullying and harassment of all students. Students questioned whether the policies in place in the district are sufficient and if training of teachers on LGBT and bullying issues is sufficient. Note that the student speeches are removed from the video below as they were minors and we do not have parental consent to post them.

These issues will be discussed in the upcoming Diversity Committee meeting and the next school board meeting.


The board approved the 2020 District Health Insurance Renewal and the 2019-2020 Staffing Plan.

The board discussed endorsing the Dunn County Telecommuter Forward Certification.


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