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Dunn County Power Outage

February 4, 2021 - 1:39pm

Update - power was restored to all areas within a few hours - in time to get power back to people before the cold snap set in.

There is currently a power outage across south Menomonie, Town of Red Cedar, Town of Dunn, Town of Spring Brook, and Town of Peru. This is affecting Dunn Energy Cooperative customers and according to a Facebook post by Dunn Energy this was caused not by the current weather  but by farm equipment damaging a power transmission pole.  The Downsville substation is currently shut down and crews are working to restore power. At the moment it appears there are about 1200 customers without power. Oddly here at WisCommunity just outside of Downsville we have not had our power go out. To track this power issue please see the Dunn Energy outage map at http://outagemap.dunnenergy.com:8036/maps/systemmap

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