Chippewa Valley Goes All In For Journalism

Through October and early November the Chippewa Valley will be immersed in the news. The Eau Claire and Menomonie Public Libraries will be promoting discussion about journalism in multiple ways:

The Phillips Library in Eau Claire is participating in a state-wide Beyond The Headlines initiative with the Wisconsin Humanities Council including the following events:

Starting Oct. 2 there is an Art and Essay contest running through Oct. 11.

October 3 there will be a discussion called Building Trust: The Elements of Journalism, discussing the book The Elements of Journalism, which is available for reading from both the Eau Claire and Menomonie libraries. A very similar event called Knowing News will take place the following night, Oct. 4 in Menomonie. Both discussions will be led by Jan Larson, Professor of Journalism at UW Eau Claire. A second part of this discussion will take place in Eau Claire on Oct. 9 in which the co-author of the book, Tom Rosenstiel, will participate via Skype.

October 10 will bring an extraordinary workshop, panel, and Q&A event to the Pablo Center, involving art, music, journalism, and discussions of poverty in Eau Claire.

There will be a panel and discussion of journalism at UW-Stout on Oct. 18, discussing what work is like in a modern newsroom.

A series of journalism films will be presented at the UW-EC Woodland Theatre. On Oct. 8 the Academy-Award-Winning film Spotlight will be 6:30 PM. On Oct. 15 the film The Florida Project will be presented. Finally, on Oct. 22 Poor Kids will be shown.  All films are free but reservations need to be made at the links for each film.

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October 1, 2018

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