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Chippewa Valley CWD Advisory Committee seeks input

June 24, 2019 - 1:41pm

The Chippewa Valley CWD Advisory Committee is seeking input from the public on their proposed CWD Surveillance Recommendations. These recommendations would require testing of deer killed in the surveillance area, and would require in-person registration of these deer. This would include portions of Dunn, Eau Claire, and Pepin counties. More specifically the area is Rock Creek, Albany, Brunswick, Drammen, Pleasant Valley,, and portions of Washington township.

The links for the survey and more information are provided below.

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I don't agree with the method that the DNR is using to develop it's CWD sample data collection! Really!! Dumping the deer heads in a dumpster!!  Those deer heads could come from anywhere!  What kind of chain of evidence is that??  Sampling road kills would make a lot better sense.  They are relying on this data to make major decisions in managing the State's deer herd.  A better idea would be to physically shoot a few deer in the immediate area that people "say they shot the deer" as a sampling method.  Automobile Insurance companies would benefit greatly from getting rid of all the deer.  I bet our car insurance rates would not be reduced by one dollar if they shot all the deer.  

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Steve Hanson
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