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Catching up with Luginbilled

January 14, 2021 - 8:44pm

A discussion with Jodie Arnold and Tyler Haas about the Luginbilled podcast series.

We recently about the latest installment in the Joe Luginbill story and the reporting on it done in the. Some of you have asked about the podcast, how the podcast producers started investigating the story, and why they have continued with this a whole year later.

I spoke to Jodie Arnold and Tyler Haas (the podcast producers) a few days ago about these topics, doing local journalism, and a number of other topics.


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Thank you for bringing their story to light.  It was a very interesting conversation.  I like the concept of giving voice to folks who seem to be forgotten in the wreckage of other's actions.  

They wanted to give a voice to the folks who had been mislead and Joe's promises and then his failures to follow through with what were probably grandios plans or a bridge to far.  Joe did indeed have a personal mission and personality that lacked humility in hindsight,  They were very effecive at that telling that part.  I am still wondering what did they do to explore what led up to these events.  Why did Joe do these things?  Are they implying he was just on a big ego trip or was he ineffective at solving a problem that no one else was attending to? Did Joe stop others from doing what needed to be done just so he could have the glory? If Joe was the wrong person to attempt to provide these services, who should have stepped up and why did that not happen.  I feel that they got the sensational parts but did not really give those who were tampled in the wreckage of this sad series of events a real voice as to who they were and why this happened to them and what needs to be done about it. 

Steve Hanson
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